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Azure PowerTip 5: Setting up an Sql Server with the Adventureworks Sample Database in 2 Minutes

I remember when I wrote a blog post in 2014 about how you can set up the Adventure Works Sample Database on an Sql Server hosted in Azure in under 10 minutes: http://manuelmeyer.net/2014/07/azureadventures-setting-up-the-adventureworks-database-in-under-10-minutes/ Well, today we can beat this time. In the meantime, the Adventure Works db has been integrated into the db setup in...CONTINUE READING

Azure PowerTip 4: Unable to Connect to Azure Sql Database. IP Address is not allowed to access server.

When using Sql Databases on Azure, the firewall on the db server blocks requests from unknown IPs. This means that when you try to connect from a client such as Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) or Visual Studio, your request to connect to the db is rejected with the following message: Cannot connect to mmedb.database.windows.net....CONTINUE READING
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