Azure Tips

On this page I collect a few interesting tips and tricks that will make your life with the Azure Cloud easier. Have fun reading!

Azure Tip 12: How to delete an Azure Tenant
Azure Tip 12: Starting with Azure Bicep
Azure Tip 11: View Blob (Container) Storage in Azure Storage Account by Storage Tier (hot, cool, archive)
Azure Tip 10: Advanced Powershell Tricks (Web Services, StopWatch, Remoting, COM Interop)
Azure Tip 9: More Azure Powershell (pipes, filters, output formatting, exporting)
Azure Tip 8: Getting Started with Azure Powershell
Azure Tip 7: Bulk Deleting and Purging Azure Resource Groups
Azure Tip 6: Azure Facts: Azure Reservations
Azure Tip 5: Azure Latency Websites
Azure Tip 4: Azure Pricing Links
Azure Tip 3: Awesome Azure Service Catalog Websites
Azure Tip 2: How to get to know a new Azure Service
Azure Tip 1: A huge collection of tips and tricks about Azure

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