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I am a .NET Senior Consultant and Trainer working for the Swiss IT service provider Trivadis AG. We provide a broad range of services in Application Development, Application Performance Management, Business Communication, Business Intelligence, Managed Services, Security and Training.

Trivadis AG

I am interested in everything in and about .NET. My favorite areas are troubleshooting & debugging, performance management and Microsoft Azure. I really like to make IT easier (and faster!). 🙂

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Professional Developer (MCPD) and Scrum Developer (Scrumalliance).

In 2016 I became a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies.

My profiles:

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In addition to my customer projects and teaching, I enjoy my family and friends, martial arts, self-development (becoming a better version of yourself), and public speaking.

I am eager to explore new technologies and I am happy to share my experiences with you! You can reach me at “blog@12qw.ch”.