Experts Live Europe 2019: Taking Control over your APIs with Azure API Management

We live in the era of the API-Economy. You are not a serious business if you don’t offer Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) to your customers and partners and use fancy words, such as “B2C-Engagement” or “B2B-Partner-Integration”. Building and publishing an API is easy nowadays, but maintaining and evolving them is NOT! This is where Azure API Management (APIM) comes to the rescue. Azure APIM introduces a common layer where you can publish, manage and organise your API’s. APIM decouples the API definitions that you publish to your consumers from the implementations within your company. It supports you by generating a developer portal where your API consumers can register for, browse through and even test you APIs. Since all your public APIs are exposed through a common platform, you can inspect, transform and redirect the requests and responses. In this session we find out how we can use Azure API Management in your enterprise and take back control over our APIs.

Check out the amazing opening video of ExpertsLive Europe 2019:

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