BizTalk Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts in the BizTalk Schema Editor

Creating BizTalk message schemas manually is usually a rather tiring task. A lot of typing and mouse-action is required. I really did not like to create BizTalk schemas until, one day, i found out that BizTalk offers very good support in the form of keyboard shortcuts. The problem is that if you are working with the context menu, e.g. right-clicking on a schema node and selecting “insert schema node” –> “child record”, you will NEVER find any information on these keyboard shortcuts. The trick is to open the BizTalk Map Editor and click “BizTalk” from the menu toolbar. It will show you the same commands as in the context menu but you will find the keyboard shortcuts for each command.

BizTalk Keyboard Shortcuts

And, this trick works with all the BizTalk editors, not only the schema editor.

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