Azure PowerTip 3: Don’t get lost in Azure. Use the “Interactive Azure Platform Big Picture”.

This post introduces the “Interactive Azure Platform Big Picture” hosted at:

I just stumbled across this recently. But I LOVE it!
It is very easy to get lost in the hundreds of Azure services and building blocks.

Of course, you get a lot of info from the Azure Service Directory:



Or the Azure Road Map:



In addition, the Azure Cost Calculator gives more info:


However, a full picture of everything is still missing. Meet the “Interactive Azure Platform Big Picture”. It was create by Ricardo Niepel (@RicardoNiepel) from Microsoft Germany. Check it out here:

English version:

German version:


Clicking on a service reveals a description and links to:

  • Details
  • Pricing
  • Documentation
  • Limits
  • SLA
  • More



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